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Our Story

In 2014, our son was diagnosed with a rare cancer called Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis. He was 3 years old. He successfully completed a year of treatment and rang the end of treatment bell. In January 2018 the disease returned and he had to begin a second treatment protocol involving two years of chemotherapy.

As parents, we found that the best way to cope was to create a positive force-field around our family. We called on mentors and coaches to help us develop our mindset. We worked hard to focus on how to make good of our situation and pledged to use our experience to positively impact the lives of others.”

Rachel Daley, Founder of The Positivitree.

our roots

In spring 2018, an opportunity arose to join the Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme with School for Social Entrepreneurs in Liverpool.

We ran a number of test sessions, conducted research within the parent-carer community and developed a pilot project which was funded by The National Lottery Community Fund.

The biggest challenge for parent-carers is finding time to focus on their wellbeing as they juggle parental responsibilities, complex caring responsibilities, work and running a household. We recognise that in order to address their needs we must offer a flexible service that’s accessible and led by the individual’s needs.

We do this by offering a range of events where parent-carers get the chance to re-connect with their own needs for a short period. We teach them the power of self-care and help them develop their own toolkit.  They can easily apply this to their day to day lives.

We run a programme that rotates so that everyone has a chance to access the whole offer and discover what suits them best.

Our Events

Wellbeing workshops

Mindfulness, mindset evaluation, meditation and managing stress & anxiety.

The Positivi-tea' Supper Club

Hosted in partnership with Can Cook…Well Fed and Ronald McDonald House Alder Hey & Arrowe Park


Delivered by Niki Kinsella both online and in person.

Holistic therapies

Coming soon!


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