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The Positivitree is a social enterprise

The Positivitree works to improve the mental wellbeing of families with children who have additional health or care needs.

Focussing on self-care, we have created a parent-led wellbeing movement.

Empowering Parents

We believe that emotionally nourished parents raise resilient children.  Our services show parent-carers that they have the power within them to be the best version of themselves for themselves and their families.

Self Care

By focussing on the practice of self-care we have created a parent-carer led wellbeing movement.

Wellbeing Activities

We provide wellbeing activities designed to meet the needs of the parent-carer community taking in to account their responsibilities and time constraints.

Online Support

We offer online support, social groups, workshops and classes.

Flexible Programmes

By offering a flexible programme, we empower parent-carers with tools needed to take ownership of their wellbeing.


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